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HYDPRO hoses display the same attention to detail and uncompromising quality that are the hallmark of all Hydpro products: in terms of research, design, solidity of the materials used.

"We are in charge of the entire cycle, from designing each piece to carrying out its final trial stages, and we manufacture all the metal fittings ourselves.
All Hydpro hoses are produced
without using solvent-based glues or adhesives, ensuring non-toxicity and total absence of odours: a choice that helps protect the environment."



Our low pressure range includes three series, Classic, Smooth Pro e Bright Tek, available in the following configurations:

  • LP Reg: for regulator, 3/8” male UNF + 9/16” female UNF

  • LP Inf: for inflator, 3/8” male UNF + quick disconnects

  • LP Dsv: for dry-suit valve, 3/8” male UNF + quick disconnects
    (larger ring)

  • LP Rbr: for rebreather, with 3/8” male UNF (2x) fittings