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DR30M Finger Spool / Reel

Dive1 DR30M Finger spool is moulded and machined tough from ABS + PC (Polycarbonate) thermoplastic polymers

  • Solid grip flared design wtih 30mm diameter center hole for use with gloves on or off
  • Size: 73mm diameter x 40mm (excluding bolt snap)
  • Micro diamond braided polyester pre-stretched cord / main line is constructed with strands of synthetic polyester parallel core for extra hardness. This 1.4mm mail line and lead line has a tensile strength rating at 125lbs (56kgs)
  • Main line is connected to the leader line by a marine grade stainless steel swivel to help prevent line entanglement and twisting
  • 30cm Looped lead line to allow easy attachment to SMB
  • Marine grade stainless steel double end bolt snap (102mm)

DR30M Finger Spool / Reel

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